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Tue Apr 24

Wed Apr 25

​Fri Apr 27
McGonigel's Mucky Duck (Solo)
Houston, TX

Wed May 2
Continental Club
Austin, TX

Thur May 3
Shady Grove
Austin, TX

​Fri May 4
​The Kessler Theatre
Dallas, TX

Fri May 18
Chickie Wah Wah
New Orleans, LA

​Sat May 19
​River Jam Music Festival
​Montgomery, AL

​Thur Jun 14
Chautaqua Auditorium
Boulder, CO

Fri Jun 15
Mishwaka Amphitheatre
Bellvue, CO

Sat Jun 16
The Cowboy Saloon
Laramie, WY

​Fri Jun 29
FitzGerald's American Music Festival
Berwyn, IL

​Fri Jul 6
​The Siren
Morro Bay, CA

Sat Jul 7
Moe's Alley
​Santa Cruz, CA

​Sun Jul 8
​Cargo @ Whitney Peak Hotel
Reno, NV

Tue Jul 10
Paradise Performing Arts Center
​Paradise, CA

Wed Jul 11
Revolution Hall
Portland, OR

​Tue Jul 17
Boise, ID

Wed Jul 18
Wells Fargo House
Virginia City, MT

Thur Jul 19
Rialto Theatre
Bozeman, MT

Fri Jul 20
​Top Hat Lounge
​Missoula, MT

Sun Jul 22
Mesa Theatre & Club
​Grand Junction, CO

​Fri Aug 17
​Manship Theatre
Baton Rouge, LA

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James McMurtry

Continental Club Residency:
When he is not on the road, you can catch James McMurtry in Austin for his regular solo/acoustic show at the Continental Club Gallery every Tuesday. And the James McMurtry Band can be found each Wednesday performing their renowned regular midnight set at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas.​​



AUSTIN, Texas — The New York Times Magazine’s cover story “25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going” (Sunday, March 12) prominently features a four-page spread focusing on James McMurtry’s “Copper Canteen,” from his 2015 release Complicated Game. The author points directly to the song’s frequently quoted opening line as a representative passage in McMurtry's work: “Honey, don’t you be yelling at me while I’m cleaning my gun.” “Though that line about the gun got a big laugh when McMurtry played it in Dallas,” Ruth Graham writes, “I still don’t know whether to hear it as a joke or a threat, and McMurtry has never been one to offer the easy comfort of a straight answer.” CLICK HERE for more.

"The simple fact is that James McMurtry may be the truest, fiercest songwriter of his generation."

- Stephen King

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM JAMES McMURTRY: Some one has a permit to run a gas pipeline from the Permian basin fracking field through the Big Bend Country to the Rio Grande where it will hook up with a Mexican pipeline for transport to the interior, or perhaps the Pacific where tankers can float it to one of our prospective Pacific trade partners. They say they won't take ranch land by eminent domain except as a last resort. Translation, "We'll get your land one way or another, so you better sell." Eminent Domain is supposed to only be invoked for projects which serve the common good. Some of us don't think this project is intended to serve the common good.

Word has it there are now Eminent Domain suits filed against fifty ranchers in the Big Bend region for the purpose of acquiring pipeline right of way.

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The Power of the Front Man
​​Whatever the front man says or does gives license to those in the crowd. A certain band used to play at the Continental Club in Austin, where my band and I regularly play when we’re home. When they played, a woman danced naked, or very nearly naked, behind a screen on which a light threw her shadow to the full view of the audience. Some of the staff that worked those shows are still working at the club. They tell me that during those shows some of the men in the audience became unusually and uncomfortably aggressive toward the women in the audience. I thought that was terrible.
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AUSTIN, Texas — Singer-songwriter enthusiasts rejoice: James McMurtry will open for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit on an extensive tour together in early 2018. The highly lauded tunesmiths will launch the run at the Criterion in Oklahoma City on January 4 and serpentine for weeks throughout the South, Midwest and East Coast before concluding at the Charleston Municipal Auditorium in Charleston, West Virginia on February 17. Major markets on this exciting tour include the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh and Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.  CLICK HERE for more