That Old Rugged Cross Dresser


​Perhaps you’ve heard, James McMurtry and BettySoo performed encores in drag at three shows in Tennessee to protest Tennessee’s anti-drag law. It seemed like the least we could do.
My bandmates and I stopped over in Greenville, Texas on the way home from Nashville after our brief foray into civil disobedience. I don’t like to do more than eight hours in a van anymore if I can help it. So we stopped in Greenville, where a sign that read, “Welcome to Greenville, Blackest Land, Whitest People” had hung over the main street well into the nineteen seventies.  The city took the sign down, but I don’t know if the populace ever discarded the sentiment, which seems to be resurgent all over the country, if it ever went away at all. I got a text from BettySoo, by then somewhere way up I-81 on her way to Vermont to visit her boyfriend, Charlie. She said Rachel Maddow might mention us on her show that night if there was time. Charlie and Ms. Maddow are buddies. It pays to know the right people. Later that night, I appeared on national TV for the first time since I was on Letterman in 1989, and this time I didn’t have  to pay a dime to anyone on Madison Avenue to make it happen. All I had to do was know the right people and put on a red dress.

Every man should wear a dress once or twice, just to learn a thing or two....

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