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James McMurtry in Garden and Gun
"When I step off the twin-prop plane in Wichita Falls, Texas, and into the late-day heat of spring, wind blasting forty miles an hour, the first thing I hear, literally, is a loud and live rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” by what sounds like a marching band. Wichita Falls is home to Sheppard Air Force Base, one of the busiest airfields in the U.S. Air Force. The band is practicing, is all—it’s no special occasion—but then the Warthogs go screaming past, and James McMurtry drives up in his old Ranger pickup, his wild Jesus hair silhouetted by the westering sun, and I get it instantly. This isn’t just something he sings about—the heartland, rural values, hard choices, wars, politics—it’s his world, his milieu."

CLICK HERE to read more of this incredible Garden and Gun feature written by the great Rick Bass. For a custom playlist of some of McMurtry's favorite tunes, CLICK HERE.

"We Can't Make It Here" Featured in Lefsetz Letter
CLICK HERE to read the recent Lefsetz Letter (featuring James McMurtry's "We Can't Make it Here").

James McMurtry Sirius/XM Loft Session
In case you missed it - check out James McMurtry's recent Sirius/XM Loft session below:

McMurtry will perform in a rare solo/acoustic setting this month at these exclusive venues:

11/21 Houston, TX Mucky Duck (two performances - 7pm & 9pm)
12/01 Northampton, MA Iron Horse
12/02 Hudson, NY Club Helsinki
12/03 Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live
12/04 Millheim, PA Elk Creek Cafe

Free American Sampler Download
James McMurtry Featured

Click HERE to download FREE Americana Sampler at Amazon MP3--includes "Bayou Tortous." Plus songs from Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, Joe Pub, Steve Earle, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and many more. Read more.

McMurtry in Latest Stephen King Novel
James McMurtry's "Talking at the Texaco" is featured in Stephen King's latest novel, Under The Dome. The King novel is not the first to mention James and his music (others include James Patterson's Cross, and Emily Giffin's Baby Proof) but this is the first that uses McMurtry's lyrics to set the tone for the entire story. Check out this excerpt from Stephen King's Under the Dome:
"And she sang, in a small but tuneful voice: 'It's a small town, you know what I mean?'
Barbie smiled a little and sang the next line back to her: 'Just a small town, baby, and we all support the team.' It was from an old James McMurtry song that had the previous summer gained a new and mysterious two-month vogue on a couple of western Maine c&w stations. Not WCIK, of course; James McMurtry was not the sort of artist Jesus Radio supported."

James McMurtry Drills Deeper Into the BP Oil Disaster
James McMurtry recently shared his thoughts on the BP Oil Spill in a blog for Blurt:
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - BP conceded Thursday that more oil than it estimated is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico as heavy crude washed into Louisiana's wetlands for the first time, feeding worries and uncertainty about the massive monthlong spill.
"Let's get something clear. BP knew, from the beginning, exactly how much oil that blowout was capable of spilling. BP is a modern oil company. Modern oil companies conduct extensive seismographic tests before committing the resources to actually drill. They can't afford a dry hole under a mile of water. They knew what was down there before they drilled the well. They had already successfully drilled several wells in that field and they know what each well produces.

Equally troubling, is that all of BP's efforts since the accident have been geared not towards plugging the leak, but rather towards recovering as much oil as possible. They talk of maybe trying a "junk shot", filling the non-functional blowout preventer with golf balls or old tires, but they haven't tried it. Perhaps they're afraid the junk shot could make matters worse, a valid fear. But it is interesting that the only procedures BP has actually tried have involved tankers. The recovery boxes froze up and failed before the oil reached the tanker. Now they've managed to insert a skinny pipe into the fat pipe that's leaking and siphon off a fraction of the oil. I guess they figure that's better than nothing. Meanwhile, the livelihoods of people who've worked the Gulf for generations are being ruined as BP officials stall and evade in a vain quest to save face and profit.

Republicans are trying to lay blame on Obama. The "drill baby drill" crowd says Obama should have imposed tighter regulations on offshore drilling. Imagine the shit storm they'd have kicked up if he had tried such a thing before the spill."

James McMurtry iPhone App
If you want James McMurtry at your fingertips, there's an app for that. CLICK HERE to stay up to date with concert information, photos, videos, music and blog posts while you're on the go. The official iPhone application also allows users to post photos from their iPhone directly to the fan community and engage other fans across Facebook and iLike.

James McMurtry Rocks His Way Into Pop. Culture
James McMurtry returns from his stellar west coast/mountain tour this month where he and his band performed a string of sold-out shows pack with enthusiastic crowds (that included such notables as Bob Lefsetz and Steve Wozniak.) CLICK HERE to check out Lefsetz's review of McMurtry's LA show. CLICK HERE to read the review featured in Napster.

McMurtry Performs for Super Bowl-Bound Team
Jim Irsay, owner of the Super Bowl-bound Indianaopolis Colts, hosted about 100 guests last weekend for a rockin' performance by James McMurtry in downtown Indianapolis. Guitar greats Stephen Stills and Kenny Wayne Shepherd joined the band for an unforgettable rendition of "Too Long in the Wasteland." Among the guests that evening were actors Taylor Lautner (of the "Twilight" film series) and Rob Lowe. CLICK HERE to read more.

Irsay Raves About McMurtry
Check out this interview with Colts' owner Jim Irsay (he talks about recent McMurtry show 3:45 minutes in) HERE

McMurtry hits the road this month - Check out the tour dates below, and don't miss a show near you!
2/6 Alpine, TX Railroad Blues
2/9 Tucson, AZ Club Congress
2/10 Phoenix, AZ The Rhythm Room
2/11 Los Angeles, CA The Mint
2/12 Santa Monica, CA McCabe's Guitar Shop
2/13 Santa Cruz, CA Don Quixote's International Music Hall
2/14 Santa Cruz, CA Don Quixote's International Music Hall
2/16 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
2/17 Winters, CA The Palms
2/19 Portland, OR Aladdin Theatre
2/20 Eugene, OR WOW Hall
2/21 Seattle, WA Tractor Tavern
2/23 Boise, ID Neurolux
2/24 Salt Lake City, UT The State Room
2/25 Paonia, CO Paradise Theatre
2/26 Fort Collins, CO Aggie Theatre
2/27 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre
3/2 Kansas City, MO Knuckleheads
3/3 Columbia, MO Mojo's

Continental Club Residency
When they're not on the road, The James McMurtry Band can be found each Wednesday performing their renowned regular midnight set at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas.

Beginning October 31st,
every Sunday he's not on the road, be sure to catch James McMurtry's intimate solo set (8-10pm) at the Continental Club Gallery in Austin, TX.

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